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Manuel Feijóo Aragón
Host & Speaker


Hi! My name is Manuel, and I'm based in Madrid, Spain. Since 1996, I have been passionately engaging audiences through the art of storytelling across various platforms, including television, cinema, theater, circuses, as well as corporate events and congresses. Throughout my journey, I have delivered more than 1,000 captivating live performances, reaching millions of viewers as an actor and a presenter through television. I have been honored with awards for my work as a screenwriter and as a speaker, both in Spain and internationally, including the United Kingdom and Russia.

I am proficient in both Spanish and English and have a deep love for good humor. Whatever your needs may be, I am here and ready to assist you.

Dolores Salcedo,

Madrid School of Marketing

"Having Manuel as part of your event is guaranteed to elevate its success to new heights."

Catherine Parker,

Santen Europe

"Dear Manuel, thank you so much for the grat time we had!
We surely enjoyed it and it was a fantastic way to learn."

Gaizka Azkuénaga,

APD Norte

"The best part is the human quality he radiates and how easy it is to work with him. It's a true pleasure to have him as a colleague on this journey of developing the talent of our partners."

Conferences filled with emotion and motivation

Manuel motivates and inspires the attendees through stories of overcoming that show us how human values such as Resilience, the Learning Mindset, Change Management, and Teamwork are not only possible but necessary. He has given more than 300 conferences in Spain and throughout Latin America.

Since 2003, over 1,000 performances, presentations, and live conferences for various sectors and companies. Among them...


Tailored Coaching and Education

Do you have a conference and need a coach to shine? Want to add humor to your speech but don't know where to begin? Manuel provides customized training and educational modules tailored to your needs.

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